Bottle Water Cooler Problems Solved

Bottle Residuephoto 2

Do you have a water cooler that uses bottles?

There are many reasons to change to a bottleless water cooler, but here are a few that you may not have considered or even been aware of.

First of all, every time somebody picks up that bottle, whether it’s the guy who loads the truck or the representative bringing in the bottles, whatever happens to be on their left hand as they put that around the neck of the bottle ends up in your drinking water. I don’t want anyone’s left hand in my drinking water and I’m sure you don’t either.

Another problem that we see quite often is that people frequently forget that they have to clean the dispenser. The dispenser sitting in your home or office is open to the elements and needs to be cleaned regularly. We have seen some terrible things growing in bottled water coolers, some of them are pictured here on the site. I’m sure you don’t want to be drinking water flowing though one of those either. Our coolers are self-sanitizing so this is never a problem.

Another problem that many with bottle coolers experience is that they have to essentially be in the water cooler business. They may have to keep track of the bottle, store them, clean the dispensers and change the bottles.

Do you really have time now to be in the water cooler business?

Get a bottleless water cooler from Chesapeake Cooler Company and let us take care of all those problems. You go back to the business that you really do. Contact us today at 888-84-WATER!


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